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PCR – 100     |     Women Helpline - 1091      |     Senior citizens – 1291     |      Child line - 1098     |      Vigilence - 1064      |     Railway – 1512     |      NPGRC National Helpline     - 9540054300,    .

I am very happy to write from the strongest and the most powerful platform, NPGRC.It is a legal service which provides the citizen with a platfirm for redress of their grievances.It bridges the communication gap between the municipal bodies and the citizens & provides citizen a channel through which they can get their grievances redressed in a tinwly and transparent manner.It is guided and directed by prominent group of jurists.NPGRC caters its services all over India.Even in remote areas our representatives are always ready to voice out your issues.The grievances received by NPGRC is brought into the notice of Central Govt. and relevant guidance is given to Public. Our main focus is to address the issues related to Child, Women,Scheduled Caste, and Minority.

Ho'nble Justice Mr Praveen Shah

National Chief Advisor


Welcome to the National Public Grievances And Redressal Commission The Public Grievances Commission administers a comprehensive mechanism for the effective redressal of grievances received from members of the public. Incoming grievances / complaints are directed against the different departments under the jurisdiction of the Government of India Under the legislationof the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi and its national bodie.,
The National Public Grievances And Redressal Commission (NPGRC) this is an autonomous public registration body (Govt. of NCT of Delhi)
Registration no.: 1003/2017-2018
Letter no.: Book No4. Vol No 274
Issued date and year.: 11/07/2017
Registered time.: 16:40:59
Certificate No.: IN-DL03344095213687P
Account Reference.: IMP ACC(IV)DL751903/DELHI/DL-DLH


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